Smart Signals to Help Ease Traffic in Dubai

1) Dubai has been working to reduce congestion within the city as traffic-related delays have made driving an unsustainable method of transportation.

2) Dubai is incorporating SCOOT, which is a smart system of monitors and sensors buried beneath the road surface that can manage the timing of traffic lights to current levels of congestion.

  • 408 traffic intersections will be SCOOT enabled
  • Traffic lights will be linked with wireless technology and can be controlled remotely
  • The system also enables diagnosing, managing and synchronisation of the timing remotely
  • Reduces the risk of loss in connectivity which could result in traffic light malfunction, causing traffic jam


3) The stakeholders that need to be involved in the implementation of this are mostly government authority, including the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA). Implementation will also require the knowledge and expertise of consultants and construction management companies. Additionally, local interests, including commerce and business entities may attempt to weigh-in on the timing of certain traffic lights for their individual business advantage.

4) The implementation of this is expensive and cumbersome as it requires much of the existing roadway to be taken up for the strategic placement of the sensors. This system, though once fully enabled, will require very little maintenance and annual operating costs. The RTA will need constant oversight of the implementation and will need to monitor the system and evaluate its performance once fully installed.


One thought on “Smart Signals to Help Ease Traffic in Dubai

  1. This could also play a role in prioritizing transit services at lights, which could eventually be turned into another incentive for people to potentially take public transit.


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