Sydney Declutters Parking Signs With E-Ink


1. Problem:

Public Administration & Services: Trying to figure-out if you’re allowed to park on a certain street in a city can feel like deciphering hieroglyphs.

Is it street cleaning day? What time it? What day of the week is it? Is there a special event occurring?

2. Technology:

The City of Sydney, Australia hopes to fix this with “E-link.”

  • The solar-powered signs inform motorists when there’s “no parking between 3-6 or warning of towing enforcement during special events”
  • The signs communicate on a cellular network with a central authority to display messages
  • The matte-gray screens are similar to those on e-readers
  • Extremely energy efficient and helps cities save on temporary road sign placement

3. Stakeholders:

  • City’s public works department
  • City’s transportation department
  • Visionect (Developer)
  • Community

4. Implementation:

  • Form a PPP between the city and Visionect
  • Coordinate across city departments to determine best area for a pilot (an area that faces frequent road closures throughout the year)
  • Implement pilot program and expand based on success

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