Smart Utility Systems Addresses Drought Crisis through Smart H20 Mobile App

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  1. Water and Energy Conservation – As a way to address efficient utility management, Smart Utility Systems created a software solution to help utilities and water districts increase water and energy conservation efforts, enable better resource management, and make operations more efficient. This is currently being set up in California, but could also be used in other cities to help manage utilities and resources.
  1. Smart Utility Systems Addresses Drought Crisis through Silicon Valley Water & Energy Innovation Center and Smart H2O Mobile App – Business Wire (July 29, 2015)

The key elements of this technology would help address the problem by:

    • Leveraging mobile, data analytics and SaaS technologies for usage monitoring, and leak detection
    • Optimizing this efficient and accurate information to support customer engagement and workforce management
    • Providing a responsive technology that talks both ways, also reading and using the information on the latest government-mandated water use restrictions, helping consumer stay within legal boundaries and avoid fines and penalties
    • Providing feedback and Instant mobile access to consumers’ own water use
  1. The stakeholders who could use this technology may include local residents, Municipal Departments (IT, Utilities, Communications, Emergency Services), third party software developers and managers
  1. To deploy this technology, this could include:
    • Step 1: Developing a strategic plan, that is inclusive of all stakeholders
    • Step 2: Set up necessary equipment and software to implement the SUS (perhaps begin with a pilot, and test the effectiveness first)
    • Step 3: Once it has been tested and found successful, work with the Communications department to launch a campaign to raise awareness and encourage usage among local residents

One thought on “Smart Utility Systems Addresses Drought Crisis through Smart H20 Mobile App

  1. The prospect of using technology to help solve critical real-world problems, such as the California drought is encouraging and engaging consumers is key for water conservation efforts. Additionally, features such as: instant mobile access to information about individual consumer water use, water conservation incentives and rebates, and the ability to share incentives via social media are all great ways to start a new trend in water conservation.


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