The average email emits 4 grams of CO2


Technology/brand: Electrolux

Article title: Electrolux Now Helps Clean Our Virtual Home

Website name: PSFK


  • maintaining the internet releases as much CO2 into the atmosphere as the entire aviation industry each year
  • a lot of that energy is generated by people creating, reading and sending spam mail
  • Electrolux is a vacuum cleaner for the digital age, an app designed to help people clear out their clouds and reduce the carbon footprint of their digital space
  • There are three levels of cleaning – S M and L. S-level cleaning targets unread social and promotional emails. M adds any unread emails older than three years not sent by your personal contacts or yourself. L works like M, but includes those sent by personal contacts

Organizational stakeholders

  • Everyone who has an inbox
  • Energy companies
  • marketing agencies
  • companies that use promotional emails to get customers

Propose the first 3 steps in deploying this technology

  1. Educate the world about the amount of CO2 generated by spam mail
  2. Acquire customers through beta invitation
  3. Use feedback loop to measure the impact it has brought to planet earth

2 thoughts on “The average email emits 4 grams of CO2

  1. Wow – I didn’t realize how CO2 is generated by email, so I would agree with beginning with your first step. Perhaps this could be expanded to other daily routines and activities that we use our laptops/phones for. It could also be useful to engage with large companies that are desk-based, and have employees using email to reach the masses and fill them in about this information. Great find!


  2. I found this post very interesting.This is something that we never think about and it could make a good impact in our emissions. I specially like that this’s coming from a company that makes products to clean “real” trash and maybe helps people to clean web trash more often.


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