Autonomous car intersection management


1) Sustainability problem: Mobility

2) Name of the technology: Autonomous car intersection management

Company: University of Texas at Austin


  • For the idea to work it would require roads to be mostly full of autonomous cars
  • Rather than stop at red lights, self-driving cars would schedule a slot through an intersection in real-time
  • The researchers compared AIM to heavy traffic on a major road, saying it would reduce delay by as much as 100 times – though that’s only at intersections, not total driving time
  • It not only promises to remove time waiting at lights, but will cut fuel usage and emissions as well
  • Intersections will be safer than they are today – a third of all fatal accidents in the roads happen at intersections

3) Stakeholders:

  • Government (roads authorities)
  • Autonomous car developers
  • Universities and more researches
  • Drivers

4) First 3 steps:

  • Invest more in research at the university
  • Develop a pilot program in a neighborhood or even university campus
  • Advertisement to make people comfortable with the machine conducting them through the intersections

vn2216: Viviane Gandolfi


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