Data furnaces arrive in Europe: Free heating, if you have fibre Internet

  1. The sustainability problem is Energy and Waste Management
  2. Summary of Data furnaces arrive in Europe: Free heating, if you have fibre Internet
    1. Nerdalize is offering 1000 watz of free heating through distributed data centers
    2. Heat is provided from their data unit distributed across housing in the Netherlands
    3. Requirement is for a fibre optic internet connection
    4. Initial setup cost by household is between €400 and €500
    5. Many problems with this approach including security, damaging, and privacy
  3. Stakeholders involved are
    1. Nerdalize
    2. Users of Nerdalize
    3. Consumers of the Nerdalize eRadiator
  4. Deployment
    1. Step 1: Offer free installation to small town in Netherlands with fiber
    2. Step 2: Begin using the data centers and monitor performance against standard data centers
    3. Step 3: Measure peformance, modify software/hardware, and roll out new changes across all other regions

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