Helping visually impaired people to have access to the world (The finger reader)

1. Problem: Health

Almost 3% of the population is visually impaired. This people have many restrictions on their day-to-day basis specially regarding reading. Only 7% of the books are available in braille or audio. Additionally, things like menus, letters, magazines rarely exist in braille. This fact puts blind people in great vulnerability.

2. Technology: The finger reader

  • This is a prototype developed by the MIT Media Lab.
  • The devise is a ring that assists visually impaired users with reading text or books.

  • When a visually impaired person wants to read something such as a menu they point their finger at the surface and the devise reads the words aloud. They can go faster, slower, go back, etc.
  • The reader has a small camera and it is equipped with algorithms that give real-time feedback as it scans the page. A vibration lets the user know if they need to lift their finger up or down and also signals the end of a line.
  • The devise may be in the market in 2017.

See more here: The finger reader

3. Stakeholders.

  • MIT Media Lab
  • MIT Students start-up
  • Visually impaired people and their families

4. Next steps

Prove the prototype in a big scale

Develop the start-up and the business model

Look for investors

Put the devise in the market


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