Problem: How to effectively utilize the data in the internet of things and sensory data captured in various locations for the benefit of the population.

Summary: INFINITE will prove to be a valuable Industrial Internet testing ground for a countless number of industries including Smart Cities and healthcare. As the need for more dynamic systems continues to grow, organizations will turn to utilizing mobile networks to connect to virtual systems. These tests will prove the viability of doing all this with systems that require the utmost security – such as those used by hospitals and emergency medical services.

INFINITE encompasses all the significant technologies, domains and platforms to support businesses to introduce major advancements in cloud, networks, mobile, wireless, edge gateways, sensors and analytics that are defining IoT globally. This is made available to organizations that wish to create products capitalizing upon IoT and will considerably reduce the cost and time of development.


Governments looking to capitalize on their technology investment

IT leaders who want to reduce costs and support analytics

Community and business leaders who want to deliver effective solutions for their constituents.


Closely track the work of Vodaphone Ireland and EMC to assess progress and determine if there are any lessons learned.

Depending on the success of the program look to create a mini pilot with comparable firms or the same firms which may be looking to leverage their results


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