Sensors for Foot Traffic

1) Issue: mobility, crowds, access to services

2) Tech summary

  • Density has come out with very simple, small sensors that can be attached to doorways, walkways, and other architecture to provide insight to foot traffic volume and patterns.
  • The technology is more basic than installing cameras or other technology with larger footprints. This may be appealing to smaller businesses/agencies that don’t have a budget for super-expensive tech.
  • Citylab wrote an article suggesting really simple uses, like DMV lines, coffee shops, or even a whole shopping district if many businesses were using the sensors.

3) Stakeholders: business owners, city agencies with storefronts, city planners, advertisers

4) Steps for deployment

  • Identify agencies/businesses with heavy, inconsistent foot traffic
  • Install sensors and educate public encouraging use
  • Set up data collection and analysis system to see how users change their plans by using the data and how this affects overall congestion at the sites

One thought on “Sensors for Foot Traffic

  1. This is a great idea. Even more than convenience, if offers a way for businesses to better manage lines and wait times, thereby increasing revenue opportunities.


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