Solution for Chaotic Traffic in Big Cities: The Nanico Car

Problem: Increased traffic on big cities =  increased pollution, fuel demand, chaos

Technology: Nanico Car: electric mini car developed in Sao Paulo, Brazil

  • Zero carbon emissions
  • Rechargeable battery, low maintenance cost – charged within 5 hours using solar batteries.
  • 80km (50miles) max speed, average speed 60km (37miles)
  • Equipped with ABS breaks and airbags (local legislation requirement)
  • Great option for short distances (home-to-work/work-to-home commute)

Technology Stakeholders

  • The Nanico project stakeholders:
    • Engineers and technicians
    • Technological partners
    • Suppliers
  • Government –Subsidy needed
  • Auto dealerships
  • Auto customers (drivers)
  • Motor vehicle agencies
  • Auto service providers: mechanics


  • Investment required to allow company to develop large scale production.
    1. More than 100 car requests existent
  • Cars will use imported Chinese engine and battery – 7,5 kW
  • Brazilian government subsidy needed in order to lower car price
    1. From R$30k to R$20k ($10k to $6k)
  • Nanico to provide solar panel kit to customers for home installation to recharge car
    1. Need to educate consumers how to use it
  • Marketing campaigns to educate potential customers in order to increase market share

3 thoughts on “Solution for Chaotic Traffic in Big Cities: The Nanico Car

  1. This is so cool. I agree that it will be tough to convince people to give up their big luxurious cars, but I think for cities at least (and everywhere else if people can get over it) this is incredibly practical.


  2. Think tank the Grattan Institute’s book on Australia’s congested cities should be a wake-up call for policymakers to improve infrastructure and reduce the economic and social costs of daily commuting.


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