This fully transparent solar cell could make every window and screen a power source

  1. The problem is most solar panels are not deployable into everyday uses.


  1. Article title- This fully transparent solar cell could make every window and screen a power source


  • In August 2014 researchers at Michigan State University created a fully transparent solar concentrator and Ubiquitous Energy is working to bring it to market
  • Any window or sheet of glass can be turned into a photovoltaic cell
  • Once brought to market the technology can be deployed in everything from tall buildings to screens on smartphones and e-reader
  • Through the use of transparent luminescent solar concentrator (TLSC) which absorbs specific non-visible wavelengths of light allow for the panel to be transparent. The light is then focused to the side of panel where a strip of conventional PV solar cell converts the light to energy.
  • The goal is “to make solar harvesting surfaces that you do not even know are there.”


  1. Stakeholders: Large building owners, cell phone/tablet/e-reader companies, solar companies having trouble deploying current technology, apartment owners/renters that cannot claim the rooftop space but would like to use solar technology


  1. Steps for deploying the technology:
    1. Third party verification of the efficiency of the panels
    2. Market the technology to strategic organizations in an effort to partner with contingents and stakeholders who can benefit from the technology the most and allows for additional R&D
    3. Continue to develop the conventional strip of PV to harvest additional energy for the light

One thought on “This fully transparent solar cell could make every window and screen a power source

  1. Came across this MIT breakthrough in my research on translucent solar noise barriers. It thrills me to imagine a world where clear solar panels are integrated into glass components of all sorts of products: airplane windows, automobile glass, building construction, the screen of a smart phone or tablet. Possibilities abound. Harnessing renewable energy can be easy and as the technology becomes more widespread, the price should become more affordable. And as you mentioned, the stakeholders will help support R&D that leads to refined technology and increased efficiency.


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