Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) Traffic Management (UTM)

Problem: Currently, there is a large demand for the integration of low-altitude Unmanned Aerial System Operations, but there exists no established infrastructure to enable and safely manage the operations.

  • Unmanned aircrafts can be used for various servies from goods delivery and infrastructure surveillance, to search and rescue, and agricultural monitoring
  • UTM system would enable safe and efficient airspace operations by providing services such as airspace design, dynamic geofencing, severe weather and wind avoidance, congestion management, route planning and as well as others
  • System will not require human operators to monitor yet can monitor every vehicle continuously

This graphic is a notional scenario that shows a few applications for small UAV, including agriculture, surveillance, photography, search and rescue, and cargo delivery.


Stakeholders: The stakeholders involved in the approval and implementation of this system would include the FAA, private companies, recreational users as well as others.

The implementation effort would require thorough testing and trials to insure that the analytics and sensors work effectively. This effort would require communication between the different stakeholders and would need to be funded by an oversight agency. Once these steps have been initiated the different user entities can partake in the system’s operation.


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