Using Connected Car Data for Smart Urban Planning

INRIX Population Analytics

(1) Problem

Primary category is Mobility, but application also touches Public Administration & Services, and Health & Safety. Perspective is city mayor’s office.

(2) Summary

  • INRIX, Inc. of Seattle (WA) developed and launched a platform that integrates location data collected from connected cars and personal devices to analyze movement of people, vehicles and commerce
  • The platform leverages readily-available real-time geocoded GPS data from a large number of sources that are distributed fairly evenly across cities (e.g., taxis)
  • These data can be used, for example, to make transit systems more efficient, site new business, and measure marketing campaign results
  • The platform provides data visualizations that facilitates quick and easy assessment of traffic controls and roadway performance
  • The overwhelming volume of available data provides an accurate picture of actual population movements, thereby minimizing reliance on road-side counters and automated traffic records

Garthwaite, E. 2015. INRIX launches smart cities platform to exploit connected cars. ITProPortal, courtesy of Posted 05-Jul-2015 at

(3) Stakeholders

  • Transportation department
  • Sustainability department
  • Business development incubators
  • Lending institutions/ risk managers

(4) Deployment

  • Create consortia of city agencies to brainstorm specific benefits of this platform
  • Provide public access to data visualization
  • Monitor and measure performance of transit systems; identify and correct bottlenecks
  • Gather performance data from businesses that utilize the platform to increase sales, and leverage those results into wider deployment

One thought on “Using Connected Car Data for Smart Urban Planning

  1. This is cool. I think we would see an acceleration of usefulness for this data as self-driving cars become a common feature of urban life. They will no doubt be collecting a ton of data.


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