Why Tap-and-Go Transit Fares


1. Problem:

Public Administration & Services: Managing fare cards vending machines, turnstiles and the overall system costs cities millions each years. In addition, fare cards are a huge inconvenience to commuters and tourists.

2. Technology: Tap-and-Go Transit Fares

  • No fare card needed
  • Using a software system like Apple Pay, commuters can pay for fairs on trains and busses by tapping their phone
  • “Touch and Go”
  • Reduces: operating costs, ridership barriers, passenger congestion

3. Stakeholders:

  • MTA
  • DOT
  • Commuters
  • TriMet (Developer)

4. Implementation:

  • RFP for software system
  • Coordinate across city departments to determine best pilot stations
  • Implement pilot program and expand based on success

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