Zero Emission Fuel Cell Bus

Problem: Energy / Climate Change


  • Toyota and Hino Motors have manufactured a zero emission bus by using fuel cells. The bus is being implemented in Tokyo, Japan for commuters on pre-established routes.
  • The field test is currently going on from July 24th through July 30th.
  • The bus uses hydrogen-based technologies that are similar to the Toyota Mirai.
  • The system features two fuel cell stacks and motors alongside eight high-pressure hydrogen tanks that can store up to 480 I (106 gal) of hydrogen. It can produce a maximum power output of 114 kW in each of its two units.


  • Toyota, Hino, other automobile manufacturers, city governments, commuters, local transportation companies.


  • Determine the success of the field test.
  • Educate other cities about the technology.
  • Scale up to mass production and eventually be implemented into all urban cities.



One thought on “Zero Emission Fuel Cell Bus

  1. Seeing hydrogen fuel cells at this scale show how far the technology has come and its future potential. By producing zero emissions, it has many health benefits to communities but only if the technology is utilized at commercial scale. I’m curious to see how long it will take for this technology to available commercially.


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