How the Aqualim Shower Head Works

  1. The problem is drought stressed areas need impactful ways to drive decreased consumption.
  1. Article title- How the Aqualim Shower Head Works

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  • The Aqualim was invented in Australia and was designed for consumers who wanted a “harder-stop” than an alarm on the bathroom sink tell them their 5-minute shower is over
  • The Aqualim incorporates a high efficiency head as well as a volume counter that can limit consumption to the consumers desired specification
  • At the desired set point the device begins to limits pressure to the head for the last two gallons are a warning that the flow is about to become a trickle
  • Once the allotted volume is reached the device turns off, the individual in the shower can let the device rest but it requires a little time to reset which is an annoyance factor that can drive decreased shower time thus reduce water consumption
  1. Consumers that want their entire family to be water conscious, cities that are water stressed, water utilities,
  2. Steps for deploying the technology:
    1. Market the technology to towns experiencing water stress
    2. Involve local governments to incentivize the deployment of the showerheads to local homeowners
    3. Lobby for regulations requiring showerhead retrofits in hotels and businesses (gyms, businesses, etc.) to the low flow Aqualium.

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