Inovation in smart health

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1) Sustainability problem: Health

2) Name of the technology: Vital Signs Monitoring

Company: MindWave


  • The sensors capture a host of vital statistics, such as pulse rate, oxygen saturation, temperature and blood pressure
  • This data is transmitted to a central dashboard, where a nurse is able to remotely monitor several patients on a single screen. Alerts are raised when certain thresholds are breached
  • This solution enables continuous real-time monitoring which allow patient vital statistics data to be co-related across an unlimited number of variables (e.g. age, gender, ethnicity, medication, dosage, diet, medical ailments), strengthening the medical team’s ability to assess, identify and diagnose with greater accuracy
  • Improves operational staff efficiency in managing patient care data, which in turn eliminates critical mistakes which can occur in manual data capture
  • Faster time to action through early notifications that enables caregivers to decide which patients to address on a priority basis
  • MindWave Solutions’ vital signs monitoring solution is currently going through a trial in a local clinic in Singapore with 50 patients.

3) Stakeholders:

  • Health authorities
  • Citizens
  • Hospitals
  • Universities

4) First 3 steps:

  • Partener with public hospitals
  • Conduct a pilot
  • Invest in infrastructure, logistics and application of the technology

vn2216: Viviane Gandolfi


3 thoughts on “Inovation in smart health

  1. People are becoming more comfortable with this type of technology. As long as there are professionals who can respond on a timely basis we should be able to see improvements in the health of the population


  2. This is a really interesting use of telemedicine – I like that this allows nurses to monitor multiple patients on a single screen, and also see the estimated times of all critical patients that will be arriving via ambulance.


  3. This solution is great especially in countries that are facing the aging society problem like Japan. In my opinion in the short e-health solutions are going to revolutionize preventive health issues.


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