Intelligent Water Efficiency Management

1. Sustainability problem: Water Managemen

  • Water is becoming one of the planet’s most stressed resources.
  • Access to clean water is a critical issue that affects economic activity, development and business around the world.
  • Water utilities lose 10 – 60 percent of the water they pump to consumers.

2. The technology: Intelligent water efficiency analytics.

  • With the objective of reducing water loss and the cost related to this problem, IBM developed the “IBM Intelligent Water Platform for Water Efficiency Management”.
  • This is a flexible platform tat monitors a city’s entire water infrastructure in real time.
  • With the platform, a public or private water utility can unite data for a holistic view of its entire water infrastructure.
  • It enables insight and control over every face of water management — from pressure, to consumption, to maintenance — so you can predict pipe failures, manage water loss and reduce costs.

To learn more read the following article:

3. Organizational stakeholders:

  • IBM Smarter cities’ Team
  • City Water Authority
  • Consumers

4. Steps to deploy the technology

  • Step1: Find a city with the interest of improving their water management system.
  • Step 2: Identify the available data sources that can be used in the platform.
  • Step 3: Incorporate new data to the platform and start a pilot in the city.

One thought on “Intelligent Water Efficiency Management

  1. This is a good idea to reduce water waste – It makes sense to use technology to manage the amount of water used for overall efficiency. Hopefully new buildings and new developments (like Dubai) will start implementing this technology – and later on it can be rolled out to existing structures.


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