JUSE: World’s First Solar Nano Smartphone Charger


1) As smartphone usage continues to grow and devices evolve to support more applications, this represents a large power draw – more devices and more frequent charging. In addition, as mobile phones offer more services for residents in developing countries, these cannot be utilized in areas without consistent access to power.

2) JUSE is the first perpetually powered solar nano case for smartphones.

  • JUSE incorporates the most efficient Photo Voltaic Cells (PVC) available (up to 2-3 times more efficient than the typical cells used in current external cell phone chargers) to store energy in a nano battery
  • JUSE charges your phone automatically, removing the need for traditional charging
  • It takes about 2 hrs of sunlight to charge JUSE to 75%, so combining outdoor light with indoor light provides perpetual power for the whole day.
  • JUSE is designed to work under low light conditions, but shouldn’t be left for 24 hours in a pocket or purse with no light
  • Replaces protective cases purchased by the majority of smartphone users

3) Organizational stakeholders: Smart phone users in both developed and developing nations, NGOs, mobile service providers

4) Steps to deploying the technology:

  • Publish performance results from initial users from Indiegogo campaign
  • Partner with AT&T or Verizon on a promotion to reach new users and fund additional production
  • Consider partnering with several device manufacturers on a revenue share to become the default case/charger

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