Next up: Smart Shower (= 70% Water Reduction in Misty Cloud

Problem: World water supply in decline – World population rising = Water Depletion Risk

According to the USGS: “Old showers used to use up to 5 gallons of water per minute. Water-saving shower heads produce about 2 gallons per minute.”

Hence, a 10 minute shower = 20-50 gallons of water.  Need a more efficient, less wasteful way to shower.


Technology: Nebia Team – re-engineering the shower to consume 70% less water in every shower.

  • What is Nebia:
    • A “warm cloud” = Nebbia = Mist in Italian
    • It surrounds you with a thick mist of tiny water droplets.
    • There’s no stream of water projecting toward user.
    • Similar to a steam room
    • There are two settings: a lighter and high-pressure
    • The Experience: “one second you’re totally dry, and the next you’re completely soaked. There isn’t any “getting into” the stream”
  • Technology Source: Mr. Gomez Andonaegui when facing scarce water supply while managing Sport City health club chain in Mexico City

 Technology Stakeholders

  • The Nebia project stakeholders:
    • Engineers and technicians
    • Technological partners
    • Suppliers
    • Sales teams
  • Contractors / Project Managers
  • Consumer facing stores (Home Depot/Etc)
  • Architects
  • Investors

Implementation: It’s coming up!

  • Investment required to allow company to develop large scale production.
  1. Tim Cook just invested, among other investors
  • Testing has been done: Equinox Gyms, Apple and Google campus, and Stanford University
  • Nebia team is raising funds through Kickstarter – aiming to launch first batch of shower-heads by spring of 2016




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