Open-source Flood Map to Improve Resiliency

Technology: An open-source flood map to reduce risks and improve emergency response management.  The platform uses social media to collect real-time information regarding flooding for residents of Jakarta.

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 3.35.31 PM

Link to interactive map:

Problem: Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia, is a mega-city located in a delta surrounded by a multitude of rivers and canals. Increased urbanization coupled with climate change has led to an increased rate of land subsidence and the city is physically sinking between 5 to 20 cm per year.  Intense flooding during the monsoon season has become a regular occurrence, and losses in the magnitude of billions of dollars was incurred in the most recent floods.  On top of the problem of poor infrastructure to manage these floods, there is the fundamental issue with absence of real-time information to notify residents of these flooding events.

Technology stakeholders:

  • Residents with access to smart phones and social media
  • SMART Infrastructure Facility
  • Local Emergency Response Team (Badan Penangulangan Bencana Daerah, BPBD DKI Jakarta)
  • Twitter Inc
  • com
  • Jakarta SmartCity
  • CogniCity


  • Encourage participation of residents in real-time reporting of flood-related issues, which will improve emergency response and community engagement
  • Visualize data in an interactive map that links the government’s formal information system and the informal information from social media
  • Build an “information ecosystem” to improve resiliency in flood situations




2 thoughts on “Open-source Flood Map to Improve Resiliency

  1. The map is dynamic with real-time information coming from Twitter, (a citizen journalism app) and Qlue (a government-sponsored citizen-reporting app. )


  2. Thanks for sharing this Nadia. Having real-time data regarding coastal disasters can certainly help save many lives in Indonesia. Reading your article reminds me of the floods in India. In India, over the last decade, Chennai and Mumbai are 2 metropolitan cities that have dealt with a mega-flood. Using real time data collected through social media, post the flooding could have helped the cities recover faster. Following the December 2015 floods, Chennai now has a cwordsourced street flooding map:
    I am sure this data can be used for mitigation and prevention of disasters in the future.
    Also, I really enjoyed watching the videos on the University of Michigan link you shared.

    [UNI: mb4033]


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