Beyond Bulky Patterns:Attractive Options In Solar Power




Energy is produced using Solar Power shingles which are attractive and also serve a dual purpose as a roof shingle which keeps out the elements.


Helping to solve the energy crisis by replacing the use of fossil fuels with renewable solar power. This product uses the latest generation of solar products and integrates PV (photovoltaic) cells with traditional materials such as a roof shingle. This product provides a practical and necessary roof shingle while also providing an attractive and alternative method of renewable energy, solar power.

Technology Stakeholders:

  • Homeowners that want more bang for their buck, to produce renewable energy and at the same time protect their home with a dual purpose roof shingle.
  • Roofing contractors
  • Solar panel installers


This roof shingle must face south, southeast or southwest in order to work properly. The cost is twice the price of conventional bolt on multicrystaline silicon panels, however this product provides a roof shingle and also provides renewable solar power, so you are essentially getting two products in one. This is a great way to have your cake and eat it also.

Deployment of Technology:

  • There first is a need to identify homeowners that presently need a new roof and also want to use renewable solar energy.
  • Introducing a tax incentive to discount the cost of installation would help sales greatly.
  • The product is here and available, the cost is reasonable, however it needs to be advertised and installed in homes so that the word gets around regarding this new and versitle product.
  • The manufacturer is Dow and has now produced the second generation in 2016 which is called the Powerhouse Solar System. These shingles combine thin film PV cells with modules based on flexible CIGS (Copper Indium/Gallium Di-Selenide technology.

Article Title-Translucent Solar Noise Barrier (SONOBS) in the Netherlands



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