Printing Software Results in Less Paper Wasted

1. Efficient Printing Technology App

PrintEco’s software automatically reformats Microsoft Office documents to reduce the amount of paper used when printing. PrintFriendly’s software is similar, but is more applicable to web-based applications as it removes advertisements when printing.

2. Problem: Paper Waste

Excess amounts of paper are printed from Microsoft office and web-based applications. This problem is directly related to paper consumption, as increased amounts of paper wasted necessitates more paper consumed. Depending on where/how the paper is sourced, this could contribute to deforestation.

3. Stakeholders:

  • The technology companies, PrintFriendly & PrintEco and their employees
  • Customers & their employees that use paper
  • Partners, such as the paper manufacturer Domtar
  • Forest landowners who provide material to paper manufacturers
  • Local communities affected by forestry
  • Waste companies disposing of or recycling paper

4. Process for technology implementation:

  • Offer both free and a pay per month (no advertisement) versions of the technology available for download on company website
  • Foster relationships with businesses and brands that promote sustainability in order to sell the printing technology
  • Analyze data used for each customer, identifying time, money, and resources saved as a result of using the technology
  • Partner with paper manufacturers such as Domtar, for additional exposure and promotion of responsible paper life-cycle
  • Collaborate with competitors to reach broader customer base (PrintEco has recently sold their company to PrintFriendly)
  • Potentially collaborate with the government to form policies that require businesses to use the technology
  • Potentially create incentives for businesses to use this technology



2 thoughts on “Printing Software Results in Less Paper Wasted

  1. This Printing Software seems like convinient idea, and something I would certainly use. I´m wondering if at a larger scale it would incentivize the people to print more because “they are using less paper to print”? #cf2621


  2. Thanks for sharing this article! Interesting to see the technology– I never knew that such an app existed. I appreciate that you are able to use this both within Microsoft office applications as well as when printing from the web to get ride of the advertisements. Ideally I think that we need to move towards the goal of eliminating the need to print altogether, but as currently there are still certain jobs that require physical paperwork this technology allows for the paper usage to me minimized and optimized with the least amount of paper consumed.


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