SkySails: Kite Wind Propulsion


Problem: Cargo ships have very high fuel costs and emissions.

Technology: Kite wind propulsion on large cargo vessels. A kite used for propulsion is able to harness the wind to use as a power source.

  • One kilowatt hour of SkySails power costs just 6 cents, or only about half as much as one kilowatt hour from the main engine.
  • In ideal conditions, about 10 tons of oil saved per day.


  • SkySails: suppliers, engineers, etc.
  • Shipping companies and owners looking to decrease fuel consumption.
  • Ships operations crew.


  • Conduct additional studies to back original findings (third party verfification).
  • Develop long-term pricing mechanism to decrease the capital costs associated with the purchase of the kite.
  • Partner with government/non-profit owned research vessels to help scale technology.–or-the-shipping-industry.html


One thought on “SkySails: Kite Wind Propulsion

  1. A very interesting technology!
    I also thought it was an interesting claim that using a kite is a more powerful way of capturing wind energy than either sails or wind turbines. SkySails claim that their kites can generate 25 times more energy than conventional sail propulsion systems (per unit area).


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