Wave-powered electricity generation in Australia


1. Sustainability Problem

Energy: Growing cities can struggle to keep up with energy demand, and increasing demand is often met with unsustainable technologies such as electric generation from coal. Renewable means of generating electricity are needed.

2. Technology Article Summary

Australian wave energy project sets a new world record with 14, 000 operating hours

by Josh Marks
Published 6/9/2016 on inhabitat at http://inhabitat.com/australian-wave-energy-project-sets-world-record-with-14000-operating-hours/

  • The first array of wave power generators connected to an electricity grid was installed a year ago off Bondi Beach. This is the CETO 5 project operated by Carnegie Wave Energy.
  • The field provides renewable electricity and potable water to a naval base on Garden Island.
  • Carnegie are currently developing CETO 6, a unit with a target of four times the output of CETO 5 at 1MW. This model is intended to be used in commercial CETO projects.
  • The author identifies potential for this kind of zero-emission electricity generation to be expanded throughout the country, since 80% of the Australian population live along the coast.

3. Organizational Stakeholders

This technology, when commercialized, will be available to coastal areas around the world. Stakeholders will include:

  • Private energy companies/utilities operating in coastal areas
  • End users of energy
  • End users of desalinized water
  • Current users of coastal waters (for fishing, recreation, etc.)

4. Deployment

The next three stages in deploying this technology could be:

  • Carnegie: demonstrate performance of CETO-6 unit (project commissioning planned for 2017)
  • Energy companies: identify potential sites for installation and carry out geotechnical investigation
  • Energy companies: install pilot-scale CETO-6 arrays and connect into existing grid.

See also:

http://carnegiewave.com/projects/ceto-6/ for a technical description of the CETO-6 unit

http://carnegiewave.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/CP115-0020-0_PRS-CETO-6-Community-Information-Sheet_Web.pdf for information on the planned CETO-6 installation at Garden Island



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