Get paid to blog with Steemit

Sustainability Problem: Social media communities such as Facebook or Reddit do not financially reward contributors.


  • Steemit is a new social media site that uses blockchain technology and a cryptocurrency system to reward individuals for their posts, comments, and votes.
  • People can engage with others on Steemit by posting, sharing, and voting on content, while earning money in the form of the new cryptocurrency, Steem, which can be converted into USD.
  • With the Steemit widget, bloggers can continue to blog from the sites they currently use, however, their posts would appear on Steemit, making them eligible for cryptocurrency rewards.
  • Steemit’s system has the ability to improve the quality of life for people around the world by creating income and promoting good content.
  • Based in NYC, the developers hope that the platform can be leveraged to empower opportunities and drive job creation for New Yorkers.


  • Steemit employees
  • Social media users (readers, content creators/curators)
  • Cryptocurrency community
  • Bloggers
  • New Yorkers


  • Market to existing blog sites to attract more content
  • Add instructions for downloading the Steemit widget, and create a Steemit badge that appears on external posts.
  • As identified in the article as a goal, developers could partner with the government to devise a specific plan for integrating this technology into PlaNYC, NYC’s sustainability mission.




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