• being sustainable, saving energy costs and protecting your roof

Summary of Fusion Solar metal roof:

  • this system blends in without penetrating the roof.
  • The thin-film laminate panels can be safely walked on after proper installation
  • can withstand 160 mph winds and available in 9 & 18 foot lengths and a variety of colors.
  • can be scaled to deliver up to 120 kilowatts per hour
  • any qualified roofer can install and any qualified electrician can make connections to electrical service.

Operational stakeholders:

  • homeowner
  • roofing contractor
  • electrical  contractor
  • fusion solar manufacturer

First three steps in deploying

  • seek out homeowners that are in need of a new roof, that want to use solar and want to reduce their utility bill
  • point out that it may be an initial higher cost, however this metal, standing seam fusion solar metal roof will outlast standard asphalt roofing materials. Life expectancy is 30-50 years.
  • the cost is moderate, somewhere between asphalt and a slate roof. Eligible for a full 30% tax break.








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