A Cheap and Sustainable Way to Keep Temperatures Down


Problem: Electricity consumption and thermal comfort: The use of air conditioning (AC) units in residential buildings is one of the main drivers of electricity consumption variation in hot places. In a climate change context, it is urgent to find sustainable alternatives to achieve thermal comfort in order to avoid a positive feedback loop between temperature and emissions. There are also financial implications for households, as their energy bills increase by using AC units.

Technology: A homemade recycled “air conditioning” unit was developed in Bangladesh to deal with residential high temperatures. The device consists in a simple board with circular holes cut out in a gridded pattern. Then, plastic bottles with the bottom part cut off are attached to each hole. The board is placed on a window with the bottles faced outside. The wider part of the bottles will catch the wind from the outside and funnel it into the inside. The mechanism has proved to lower indoor temperatures up to 5ºC.



  • Users of Eco Cooler units.
  • Governments on the three levels of countries with hot weather.

Process: Currently, the project is being backed up by the Grey Group and the Grameen Intel Social Business to try to scale it and reach as many people as possible. As the device can be built at home, the implementation process should be focused on information campaigns to educate people on how to build it and install it. A partnership with local governments could be valuable to provide with technical assistance to the households.


2 thoughts on “A Cheap and Sustainable Way to Keep Temperatures Down

  1. The eco cooler has been said to be the world’s first zero electricity air conditioner. It is environmentally friendly in multiple ways, not only it doesn’t produce electricity but it recycles used bottles. As the AC is very simple to be manufactured, the design can fit into any home with any size of windows. Volunteers from Grameen Intel Social Business have helped locals install units and make them. It is hoped that the knowledge will be sustainably passed on.


  2. Given the high electricity demand to power air conditioning units, there is a great need to find alternatives to building cooling systems that are more environmentally friendly. Especially in a place such as Bangladesh, alternatives that are lower in cost will make it more accessible to a larger market that is in need of the solution.

    This Eco-cooler a great, simple and low cost solution for cooling indoor spaces, which makes it affordable for the people living in rural areas. However, because of the amount of exposure these plastic bottles will have to heat, this technology should be used with caution to prevent any health risks from potential exposure to bisphenol-A (BPA) from the plastic bottles. Therefore, households should be given a pre-caution to use it in areas with no direct exposure to sunlight.


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