Biology Inspired Cooling Technology

Solar-powered Mistbox slashes summer cooling costs

by Katie Medlock, Published 5/22/2016 on inhabitat at

1. Sustainability Problem: Energy

Rising temperatures increase energy demand for air cooling methods. The hotter it gets, the more energy it takes for condenser units to produce cold air.

2. Technology: Mistbox

  • Using the concept of human perspiration-evaporation cooling method, Mistbox created an affordable and easy to install device to mist any style AC unit
  • Self-manages to determine when your AC unit needs some help and will emit mist to cool the air around the unit and in-turn increase the cooling capacity of the system and use less energy
  • Completely solar powered, and qualifies for a tax credit
  • Saves 30% or more on monthly energy bills and comes with an app to track your savings, pays for itself within on summer!

3. Stakeholders

  • Cooling system manufacturers
  • Mistbox investors and employees
  • Energy companies
  • Potential, future and current AC unit owners

4. Deployment

  • Distribute to large and popular home improvement and home good stores
  • Increase awareness of Mistbox technology, savings, and tax credits
  • Teach people how to install the technology to existing units



One thought on “Biology Inspired Cooling Technology

  1. I thought this is a really great idea because it is solar powered and can save up to 30 % of energy from air conditioners. This is a really simple idea but if it works it has the potential to really sell and make the inventor and investors much money.


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