CETO: Clean Power Plus Freshwater


  • CETO, named after a Greek goddess, is a wave energy technology project in Western Australia that produces clean power for the grid on land as well as desalinate ocean water.
  • The CETO 5 project is composed of three submerged 240KW buoys system that is tethered on the seabed with hydraulic pumps. The system bobs up and down with waves, pushing pressurized water through power turbines while feeding a desalination plant at the same time.



Sustainability Problem CETO solves:

CETO helps produce clean energy thus reduces greenhouse gas emissions that would otherwise be produced if conventional sources are used for the grid.

Freshwater is produced at the same time so coastal regions with less source of freshwater  benefit from this technology.


  • Carnegie Wave Limited, the inventor, developer and owner of the patented CETO wave technology
  • HMAS Stirling, the naval base that buys clean power and freshwater from CETO
  • Researchers on wave technologies who may use this technology as a model for further  R & D
  • Investors on clean energy and water desalination projects


  1. Carnegie used a combination of rapid prototyping, computational simulation, wave tank testing and, in-ocean testing in developing CETO.
  2. Two sites: a “nursery site” at its at its research facility, and an open ocean site at its Perth Wave Energy Project site for CETO 5.  The latter has been in operation for 14,000 hours and have supplied both clean power and freshwater to Australia’s largest naval base, HMAS Stirling Naval Base.
  3. After ten years of continuous development, millions of dollars, and tens of thousands of in-ocean operational hours of testing is now nearing the end of its commercialization phase with the development and delivery of its CETO 6 product generation.
  4. Further testing sites should be be developed where this technology can be implemented not only in Australia but also in other parts of the globe.



2 thoughts on “CETO: Clean Power Plus Freshwater

  1. This looks amazing, I like the idea that it has two purposes! This would make it all the more worthwhile for investors!


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