Greywater recycling system for bathrooms



The Sustainability Problem:

In homes alone, toilets account for about 40% of the water used in the home. No numbers were cited for businesses but we know certain businesses also have a substantial number of toilets such as in hotels and event spaces. This can be seen as a waste of freshwater since the processes for which toilets use water does not necessitate freshwater.

The Technology Solution:

The AQUS Grey Water Toilet System is a water system that captures the dirty water from your sink (a.k.a. “grey water”) and recycles this to flush your toilet. According to the Inhabitat article, it can save up to 6,000 gallons of freshwater per year.


  • Home owners
  • Communities who share the same source of freshwater
  • Water utility companies / agencies
  • Contractors and other people whose work deals with building/designing bathrooms
  • Businesses that have a lot of bathrooms (event venues, hotels, etc.)


  • Sourcing the materials
  • Selection of contractors and crew for the rennovations
  • Assessment of existing structures to determine compatibility with new system
  • Timeline planning to ensure construction/renovation time does not conflict with other important events that may need access to the bathrooms
  • Monitoring actual renovations




2 thoughts on “Greywater recycling system for bathrooms

  1. This is such a wonderful device, and a no-brainer. My Capstone project last semester brought me to Mexico City, where we learned all the techniques households use there for optimal water management, and it’s truly amazing how thoughtful and resourceful people there are when it comes to water usage. This technology, I believe, would also be incredibly valuable in inspiring people (in highly developed area, who often take water for granted) to think more critically about the water they use. I also agree that the hospitality industry would be an excellent candidate for implementing such technology!


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