Hybrid-Flywheel Energy Storage Plant

1. Technology

The hybrid-flywheel energy storage is the first grid-connected flywheel project in Europe, with its first operation in Ireland. SchwungradEnergie Limited is behind the project.  It is a 100% clean power source and has no direct fuel use or related emissions. It absorbs power, stores it and releases energy according to any grid requirements to rapidly inject energy, making it a flexible approach. Unlike a power plant, it operates as a shock absorber and dynamic energy support system.

2. Sustainability Problem

The U.S. Energy Information Administration estimates on average 6% of the electricity  during  transmission and distribution is lost annually. In 2015, 67% of electricity generated was from fossil fuels. With the depletion of such non-renewable resources, energy efficiency is imperative in at least prolonging their longevity until an alternative approach is found. The hybrid-flywheel is essentially an energy storage system- which releases energy to the grid when required, thereby improving efficient in both distribution and transmission.

3. Stakeholders

-City government and energy department officials

-Private investors of clean energy

-Engineers, energy consultants

4. Implementation

  • Ireland can be thought of as the pilot testing site since it is the first of its kind. Collect data for a period of 6 months to 1 year and publish data, making it visible to foreign investors.
  • To further increase awareness of the product, attend regional and global energy efficiency fairs and events.
  • Develop partnership with government officials (PPP’s) of growing smart cities and provide incentives (free 1 year maintenance/ consulting/ installation) to integrate it into the smart city electricity grid.

5. Reference

First Hybrid-Flywheel Energy Storage Plant Announced For Europe



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