New Boiler Technology Helps Reduce Energy and Emissions

“The new boiler that generates electricity for the National Grid” – The

  • Combined heat and power boilers that produce their own electricity are being integrated into households. This electricity is a by-product of heating the home or hot water.
  • An agreement is signed between the owner and Flow Energy where, over time, the income of electricity produced is split 50/50 between the two parties.
  • Flow Energy says the new boiler will reduce a household’s carbon emissions by roughly 20%, or 1,000kg of CO2, a year.

Organizational stakeholders that will need to use this technology are: 1) the consumer who will purchase these boilers, pay the monthly fee, and generate electricity for Flow Energy by using their boilers.  2) Insurance company Aviva who is a major shareholder with 20% stake.

The first step in deploying this technology is promoting it to the correct market.  Flow Energy needs to sell to high consuming households in order to penetrate the market because these households will benefit the most from using this technology. The next step would be to rely on economies of scale to reduce the price of these boilers and market to households that earn less. The last step is once a significant number of households are using this technology it could then be marketed to businesses in order to reduce emissions even further.



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