Turn anything in your home into a connected device with Mesh




  1. Sustainability Problem


This set of devices solely don’t solve any problem but it enables us to solve your everyday life problems and the usage way is infinite, it basically enables anything to become a smart device and thanks to its user-friendly application you don’t even have to know anything about programming. It is up to you what kind of a sustainability problem you want to solve with this. You may put it in your bathroom for automatic lighting thus you could save electric, you may use it on automation watering for your plants thus, you may save water furthermore you may program as water usage according to humidity with if function. Rest is up to your imagination.


  1. Technology Article Summary


Article: http://www.digitaltrends.com/home/mesh-diy-smart-home-kit/

– You can turn your home into a smart home with MESH.

– It brings internet of thing via 8 different small tags each with different capability ranging from motion tag, move tag, temperature and humidity tag to LED tag.

– They can be placed any physical object and turn it to a connected device.

-No need for programming, everything is self-contained in MESH app

-Enables you to set up a connected home by choosing a tag you need for the task (total 7 different) move it to apps sandbox, assign the task to it or connect to another device.


  1. Stakeholders

– people interested in smart homes, connected devices, Internet of things


  1. Deployment

It has a starter kit with 3 tags cost $134.99 extra tags are $60 each

7 different tags:





-Temperature & humidity


-GPIO (basically ready to use circuit for tasks you design)

After choosing your tags according your task you can start enjoying it.

Internet site of Mesh: http://meshprj.com

Short video of Mesh: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1tis1Au26uI






2 thoughts on “Turn anything in your home into a connected device with Mesh

  1. Very interesting concept. I like that it can be customized and it seems fairly user friendly. Super cool that you can even set it up to water your plants.


  2. I am curious how easy it is for consumers to actually use this technology. In this case, UI and seamless integration with existing devices appears to be critical for adoption. Simpler tasks such as turning on and off a light seems like a much more doable task than trying to use Mesh for a complex request like unlocking a front door as you approach the door. Regardless, this seems like a promising technology for facilitating better efficiency of other technology use, such as lighting.


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