Wind Power Giant Gamesa Combines Solar, Diesel and Storage for Off-Grid Prototype


Wind/Solar/Diesel Energy Prototype:

The company Gamesa of La Muela, Spain has developed an innovative prototype project that adds solar, storage and diesel to a wind project in order to test the viability of combining renewables and storage to minimize fossil-fuel backup for off-grid applications.

Sustainability Problem:

The Gamesa prototype could provide energy to off-grid systems.  It will also be able to address the problem of diesel dependency in projects without renewable energy. The off-grid system is expected to reduce diesel consumption by between 15 percent and 35%, and maybe even more.


The stakeholders of this technology would be off-grid projects, mining companies, and niche industries that are open to using hybrid systems.


Lack of prior projects similar to Gamesa’s combination prototype will be an issue and company executives admitted upfront costs will be expensive. The number of megawatts is attractive and if longterm energy production is worth the opex initially and a high-growth business is possible




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