beta.ray: A Spherical Sun Power Generator

Problem: High energy usage contributes to GHG emissions

Electricity, heat production, and other energy was contributed roughly 35% of global GHG emissions in 2010. (EPA)

Globally, we still heavily depend on oil and coal as a power source for energy, which have high GHG emission factors. If we can switch this power source to solar, however, we could serious reduce the amount of GHGs that our energy consumption emits.


Andre Broessel, a German architect, designed a solution that can gather solar energy in a highly efficient manner. Apparently, it can even get energy at night or in low-light areas.

The technology rotates with the sun, gathers solar as well as thermal radiation, can gather radiation from the moon at night, and is much smaller than traditional solar panels.

It can be installed on sides of buildings, any inclined surface, and has even been used for electric car charging stations. Finally, it can, but does not need to be connected to the grid.


  • Investors to commercialize the technology
  • Engineers
  • Potential Customers (e.g, Large retailers, large companies, cities, electric car charging stations, residential homeowners)
  • Government (if to provide incentives or include in cities)
  • Utility companies if the technology is connected to the grid


  • Raise money from investments to commercialize the technology
  • Find customers- i.e. develop partnerships with large retailers /restaurants/ companies/ cities who are looking to become more sustainable (Walmart, McDonalds, Chipotle, etc.)
  • Once the larger companies have this installed and there is increased demand, the cost may also decrease and become more affordable for homeowners.

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