PaperKarma: An App That Unsuscribes you from Unwanted Paper Mail

Technology:  An app that scans your address on a physical piece of mail and automatically unsubscribes you from receiving mail from the sender in the future.

Sustainability Problem:  There is currently mass amounts of mail people receive on a daily basis that ends up going directly into the garbage.  So much paper is being wasted and people do not know how to, or are not willing to, take the time to stop the unwanted mail from being delivered to their mailbox

Stakeholders: The stakeholders for this technology would be every person who receives physical mail as well as mailmen & women who are managing the delivery of all of the mail.

Implementation: The biggest barrier to wide-spread implementation is awareness.  People simply do not know this technology exists.  Marketing efforts will have to be expanded to achieve real progress on a global scale.




2 thoughts on “PaperKarma: An App That Unsuscribes you from Unwanted Paper Mail

  1. I would definitely use this app. I think the traditional form of mail is outdated and unnecessary as there are alternative forms of communication such as online billing and emails.


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