Cleanup technology rids oil from water

Sustainable Technology: Researchers of Perdue University have developed a  sponge material comprised of melamine sponges, a porous material, which repels water while allowing oil to be absorbed into the sponge. Additional to oil cleanup, the sponge can clean any pollutant that is immiscible with water and which has low surface tension.

1.Sustainablilty Problem

Water pollution is a global issue, both to human health and the environment. There is a global trend whereby as population increases there is usually a result in degradation of environment and its services. This method has the potential to assist in cleanup of oil spillages from industrial sources. The absorbent material with high selectivity of oils is effective in removing pollutants from contaminated water sources.

2. Stakeholders

  • NGO’s
  • Government agencies
  • Research Scientists
  • Industry managers i.e. oil companies
  • Citizens

3. Implementation

  • Partner with a relevant industry i.e. one which releases pollutants into waterways (possibly in a developing nation), a conduct a pilot study to gather data on effectiveness. Compare previous water quality assessments to after implementation.
  • Attend fairs and conferences relevant to clean water efficiency, to garner support and increase awareness.
  • Streamline production to create absorbent material in bulk and provide incentives to purchasing the product i.e. develop PPP with local city government such that businesses which incorporate this cleanup method into their daily operations can benefit from tax breaks or discounted government land purchases in future.

4. Reference





2 thoughts on “Cleanup technology rids oil from water

  1. This is a great technology that has a high potential for faster and easier deployment on larger scale due to the easy process using a very inexpensive material that can be reused many times. Although there are regulations on not dumping oil into bodies of water, some people do not comply and what’s more, accidents happen!


  2. This is an interesting technology. It is amazing that still in this day and age that many of our water ways remain polluted. New technologies that are both effective and cheap to help us get over this problem are very exciting.


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