“Plastic to Fuel”


Sustainability Problem: 

While we can’t live without it, plastic becomes an issue when it comes to waste management.  Especially in places with no proper infrastructure for waste management, plastic becomes a major challenge that comes with a multitude of negative environmental impacts.  Being largely developing and driven by the tourism industry, the island of Bali, Indonesia, is a clear example of a place that faces this issue.


The Plastic to Fuel project, started by a local start-up called Eco-Mantra, is a project that aims to develop a low-tech, low cost plastic pyrolysis technology that could convert plastic to diesel.  This technology not only deals with the issue of plastic waste, but also provides an alternative energy source using materials that are readily available.  Technologies such as these could potentially be a decentralized and market based solution to the larger waste management problem of the island and other places alike.

Technology stakeholders:

  • Residents
  • Community leaders
  • NGOs
  • Government


  • Educate residents and communities on the importance of recycling plastic, and proper waste management
  • Collaborate with other local businesses to spread the use of the technology
  • Potentially propose technology as a larger waste management solution for the island to the local government





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