Sustainable Sunglasses – Making the Environment Look Cool

Norton Point

Norton Point is Martha Vineyard’s sustainable sunglass manufacturer. Their recently launched line of sunnies is to aid in mitigating the 8 million metric tons of plastic that end up in the oceans every year. They are also hoping the sunglasses will be stylish so people will want to buy them. The sunglasses are made out of recovered ocean plastic, meeting with members of Plastic Bank, a company available for brands to purchase Social Plastic.

The sustainable Norton Point sunglasses pays for the plastic they collect to make the frames and the Plastic Bank pays collectors in local communities a living wage to help reduce plastic waste. Everyone who buys a pair is helping to clean up our oceans, help people in developing countries make a living, and change the world view of how a business model should be. Norton Point gives back 5% of its profits to organizations like the Ocean Conservancy for global clean-up, education and remediation practices.

Stakeholders include the Norton Point business, its partners; The Ocean Conservancy, The Plastic Bank, the country of Haiti including its residents and markets, as well as potential buyers of Norton Point Sunglasses.

Norton Point implementation started in March 2015 when they came up with the idea of using plastic from the oceans to create sunglasses, in April through August of 2015 the team investigated the concept and and in September through December of 2016 design and experiment began. By January 2016 Norton Point has created a prototype. In February 2016 the team went to Haiti to establish their business relations and in June 2016 they launched their kickstarter campaign. Norton Point hopes to deliver to their early backers by July 2016 and delivery to all backers by August 2016.

Kickstarter Campaign:





3 thoughts on “Sustainable Sunglasses – Making the Environment Look Cool

  1. I really like/respect what this company is trying to do. Cleaning up the single most important natural resource is very admirable. I’m curious to see if they will actually be able to sell enough of these to stay in business.


  2. I´m a big supporter of every effort to reduce plastics waste, which in turn could reduce plastics production. This business model looks like a good option for other plastic based products. I wonder if something like it has been implemented elsewhere.


  3. Hey Anna,

    Thanks for sharing this! I love that there is a whole new generation of social businesses that are changing the way we consume. Toms, Feed, Etsy, and many more Norton Point – like businesses are now becoming more popular and easy to access. It definitely make me wonder what the future of fashion/consumerism will be. I am certainly very hopeful.
    (UNI: mb4033)


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