Roads That Charge Your Electric Vehicle While You’re Driving


Technology: Researchers are developing a technology to build embedded charging stations into the infrastructure of roads.  Electric cars would be seamlessly charged as they drove on the roads.

Problem: As the development of electric cars continues to evolve, the need for charging stations is a potential bottleneck to wide-spread adoption. Expensive & immobile stations need to be adequately spread out across all areas where people are driving electric cars.  It is currently an inconvenience of owning an electric car and has the potential to stall the growth of the industry.

Stakeholders: All current and future electric car owners,  city planners who are responsible for road infrastructure, and tax payers who’s money would presumably go to implementing this technology.

Implementation: Implementing this technology would be expensive and intricate, but is not as far fetched as it may sound. It would entail utilizing a magnetic pairing between a ground charging coil and a copper coil in the vehicle. A WiFi connection between the road and the car would also need to be established to allow this process to occur.



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