Power Generating Floors by Pavegen


1: Electricity-Generating Flooring Technology

  • Developed by start-up Pavegen who has released a new version of its power producing paving tile
  • Tile produces 5 watts per step
    •  Can power low voltage off-grid applications (ex: street lights)
  • New tile technology produces 20 times more per step than what was previously offered
  • Weight from people’s footsteps rotates a flywheel underneath the tile which creates energy through electromagnetic induction
  • New triangle shape of the tile ensures no step is wasted and that all energy is harnessed through the technology

2: Problem Power Generating Technology is Solving

  • Gives establishments such a retail the ability to collect real time footfall data to track people’s locations and activity levels
  • Generates excess power to put back into the local community and support low voltage needs

3: Technology Stakeholders

  • Pavegen; inventors and developers of the technology
  • Retailers; partners and consumers of the data
  • Community Members; benefit from the output of the technology as well as contributors to the functionality of it

4: Implementing of Power Generating Floors Technology

  • These tiles have been rolled out to large retailers such as Harrods as well as the Heathrow Airport; total of 100 locations use technology today
  • Concept and benefit has been proven in the UK with the next step to scale globally
  • Technology will be featured in Unilever’s 2016 Foundry which will provide mass exposure of the technology

Article: http://www.wired.co.uk/article/pavegen-tile-power-generation-london


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