Smart Bins for Smart Cities




Sustainable Problem:

Waste Management in Cities

It is predicted that in the next twenty years waste levels will more than double in developing and underdeveloped nations. It is important to use technology and build a system that will aid in fixing this problem and disposing of waste properly.


  • Ecube Labs is a Korean based start-up that produces solar-powered waste bins; cities can monitor levels of trash in each bin and the technology compacts the waste.
  • The technology has been implemented in Santa Marta, Colombia and Ibague; there are 130 “clean cubes”.
  • Smart Bins are good for cities because drivers don’t have to waste time on checking on empty bins or bins do not get overfilled.
  • An app can tell drivers when a bin needs to be emptied and this can save about 80% of waste management operational costs.

Article: “Internet of bins: smart, solar powered trashcans in Colombian cities” by Elaine Ramirez

Company Website:

#wastemanagement #smartbins


  • Local Government administration
  • Drivers of the waste management company
  • Managers of the waste management company
  • Citizens of that city
  • Informal waste pickers

Deployment Strategy:

  1. Work with the local government to find areas that suffer from waste overflow
  2. Teach local waste management drivers and managers about the technology; have three to four sessions.
  3. Advertise in the community and with informal waste pickers of the new technology and how it will be better for all.



2 thoughts on “Smart Bins for Smart Cities

  1. Hi – thanks for share, great post! This is really interesting. I’d be interested to know how much each bin costs to understand what investment the city would need in order to implement the system. Given not everyone thinks of recycling or adheres to signage, I wonder how much recyclable goods would end up getting compacted with trash and up in a landfill.


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