Fusion Power: The Next Big Thing

  1. Sustainability Problem

Energy: The world’s demand for energy will increase greatly in the coming century as the developing world is expected to have the same standard of living as the developed word. Thus, to meet enormous energy demands across the world and adhere to a necessary clean source of energy, fusion power can be an answer. .

Source: https://www.euro-fusion.org/faq/why-if-we-have-fission-do-we-need-fusion/

  1. Technology

Article: The Secretive, Billionaire-Backed Plans to Harness Fusion

by Jonathan Frochtzwajg

Link: http://www.bbc.com/future/story/20160428-the-secretive-billionaire-backed-plans-to-harness-fusion

  • Fusion power releases no carbon dioxide, and the only byproduct is helium which is harmless
  • The fuel for fusion power is derived from water, which is abundant
  • General Fusion Inc.’s fusion reactor doesn’t need state-of-the-art lasers or football-field-sized facilities like government- funded fusion reactions making it economical and scalable
  • General Fusion plans to outpace government-funded fusion reactors, which will only start experimenting by 2025


  1. Organizational Stakeholders
  • General Fusion Inc.
  • Investors
    • e. Amazon Inc.
  • The Energy Industry


  1. Implementation
  • Michel Laberge spent a couple of years developing the idea of a new fusion reactor of  through a small prototype and founded General Fusion in 2001
  • General Fusion Inc. displayed the small prototype and acquired investments from venture capitalists to continue research on the fusion reactor
  • For the next phase, General Fusion Inc. is looking to construct a full-scale prototype system to test sooner than that of government-funded fusion reactor prototypes, which are looking to test b y 2025




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