Living Power converts cooking oil to energy for UK National Grid

  1. Sustainability Problem: Energy
    1. Energy usage can be difficult to supply during peak periods
    2. Traditional sources of energy such as fossil fuels like petroleum, natural and coal release CO2 into the atmosphere (driving climate change) and other pollutants
    3. Alternative technology for turning biofuels into energy exist but then energy and food needs would have to compete for limited arable land
  2. Technology/Solution
    1. The company Living Power in the UK is collecting used cooking oils from households and businesses, processing it and selling it to the national grid.  The oil is “recycled into a renewable carbon neutral fuel the company can use to generate power.”
    1. The fuel then powers large engines that provide power to the National Grid, especially during peak usage periods.
    2. Drop off sites are accessible with 90% of people being within 15 minute drive of one of the 500 drop off sites.
  3. Stakeholders
    1. Households and businesses that want to sustainably discard large amounts of cooking waste
    2. Living Power company
    3. National Grid
    4. Consumers of food (because land mass wont be used for biofuels)
  4. 3 steps to implement
    1. Continue to seek investors to scale program
    2. Lobby politicians to pass regulations that require the reuse of cooking oils of a certain daily volume
    3. Provide market based incentives for people or businesses to drop off their cooking oil


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