Hydrogen-Powered Tram

Problem: Greenhouse gas emissions

Greenhouse gas emissions are a large contributor to global warming. As the world is trying to stay under the 2 degree mark, we will need to find a way to drastically reduce our GHG emissions.


The China South Rail Corp developed the world’s first hydrogen powered tram, which just finished production in April. The tram’s only emissions will be water, it can be recharged in about 3 minutes, and has a 100km range. Not only will this tram be more environmentally friendly, but it will also reduce operation costs for the company.

See more: http://www.alternative-energy-news.info/hydrogen-powered-tram/


  • China South Rail Corp (CSRC)
  • Engineers
  • City, regional, and national government (transportation authorities)
  • Investors


  • CSRC should negotiate with other neighboring cities to develop trams that can replace the current ‘dirty’ trains.
  • As China also pledges to formally adopt the paris climate agreement, the country could decide to implement clean transportation nationally- CSRC should negotiate with the government to be the official producer of trams for such a project.
  • Increase investment so that the CSRC can produce trams at greater scale




One thought on “Hydrogen-Powered Tram

  1. This technology has lots of of economic and sustainability potentials. Having water as the only emission is great! Although, the article did not say how China produces the hydrogen from. Hydrogen may come from renewable resources or from fossil fuels. If China uses hydrogen produced from fossil fuels, then it it not as sustainable as it is currently perceived. On the other hand, if hydrogen is produced from renewable sources, then, this technology has more potential for acceptance and deployment in sustainable cities. Thanks for posting! #jr3408


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