Cut Water Use and Save Money

  1. Sustainability Problem: Droughts and risks of water scarcity are increasing. Water is getting more expensive.
  2. Sustainable Technology:
    • Apana’s technology uses sensors and water meters to measure the amount and time of buildings’ water use.
    • Algorithms in the technology send alerts when there are spikes in water use due to equipment problems or wasteful operations.
    • Costo’s water use has been cut by 22% by using Apana. The water cost savings has paid for technology installation.
    • Other technology companies such as Lagoon, Dropcountr, WaterSmart, WatrHub, and Ecolab are building similar water management systems.
  3. Stakeholders:
    • Water saving technology companies such as Apana
    • Businesses that use the technology such as Costco
    • Employees
    • Utilities
  4. Deployment:
    1. Continue to market Apana technology to large businesses to help them achieve sustainability goals and save money on water pipe maintenance issues.
    2. Apana plans to raise its first round of funding after initially being completely self funded.
    3. Potentially partner with the government to require businesses to use water saving technology.

Sustainable Brands ArticleFortune Article


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