DuraBook Technology: Books not made of trees


The Sustainability Problem

Paper production has been partially blamed for the depletion of our forests. The publishing industry is one of these industries that use paper heavily. Companies are now looking into ways to be more sustainable.

The Technology

DuraBook technology developed by Melcher Media is a synthetic paper not made of trees. The resulting paper made of plastic fibers is durable, recyclable and waterproof. In technical terms it is a “technical nutrient” or it can be re-used endlessly and upcycled.

The special paper was used to publish “Crade to Cradle”, a book about reimagining the way we produce things to consider the whole product lifecyle.


  • Publishing companies
  • Paper suppliers
  • Consumers
  • Recycling companies


  1. Cost analysis to ensure that books using this material will not result in very high price tags
  2. Inform / educate retailers and consumers about this new material and convince them of the benefits
  3. Educate recyclers about this material to ensure they know how to handle the material (don’t recycle it like regular paper)


Cradle to Cradle


This Book Is Not a Tree


2 thoughts on “DuraBook Technology: Books not made of trees

  1. This is an interesting technology. There is a great deal of opportunity from a marketing perspective because this is not only a sustainable technology that reduces waste, it is also very durable and even waterproof. This makes this material better than the traditional paper that is used, which makes it easier to market to consumers that are not necessarily concerned with sustainability.


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