Smart Sets the Bar High with Sustainable Vehicles


– GHG emissions, waste from car parts, energy use, water use, safety and health.

These are sustainability issues that all car manufacturers have to deal with.  Smart aims to solve these.


– Environmental protection is one of smart’s top goals.  The outer layer is 100% recyclable plastic.  Also, each car is constructed in modules for easy dismantling .

– As for safety, each car contains a steel housing that combines longitudinal and crosswise framing that displaces impact forces over a large area of the car.

– The car also features excellent fuel economy that will consume less fuel, resulting in less greenhouse gas emissions.

– Smart uses powder coating, which is a dry powder that does not require a solvent.  This uses 40% less energy and conventional painting methods and no water is consumed or wasted.


– Car companies, consumers, engineers, suppliers, designers


– Smart should increase marketing outside of France and Germany to increase global awareness.

– Add in child friendly features, such as a section for a car seat.  Making a new model of this car that is family friendly will make this car feasible for almost any consumer.

– The cost is a huge plus for smart.  They should easily be able to market this car in developing countries, as it is affordable, uses minimal fuel, and is recyclable.


3 thoughts on “Smart Sets the Bar High with Sustainable Vehicles

  1. I think another important implementation step will be explaining/marketing to drivers how safety compares to conventional cars. Even if we know that safety features allow the force to be absorbed/distributed across the car during impact, the instinctual reaction would still be “but its such a small car, how much impact can it actually absorb?” Child friendly features wont be useful until parents feel confident that the car is as safe as conventional cars.


    • Thank you, Carrie. That is a very good point! Safety features should be top priority in marketing because of this stigma that smaller vehicles are not safe.


  2. Interesting finding Derrick! This should be an example in the vehicle industry. Manufacturers must be aware of their huge environmental impact and work to become more environmental friendly by using this kind of technologies.


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