Floating Garbage Bins

Sustainability Problem

Pollution. Marine life is dying at an alarming rate and the whole oceanic ecosystem is being threatened as a result.

Technology Article

Brilliantly Simple Floating Rubbish Bin Revolutionizes Ocean Cleaning Technology by Kristine Mitchell December 25, 2015.

  • Australian surfers created an automated floating rubbish bin that collects garbage, debris, and even oil from the water, and may revolutionize ocean cleaning technology.
  • The system is designed to run constantly and the group aims to sell and install them in marinas, ports, and boat clubs.
  • The group is raising funding through their Indiegogo campaign so they can produce the systems on a large scale.


  • Seabin Pty Ltd (creators of system)
  • Donators to their Indiegogo campaign
  • Marinas, ports, harbors, boat clubs, etc. that will purchase and install the systems


  • Form partnerships/raise funding to produce on a large scale.
  • Sell Seabins to Marinas, ports, boat clubs etc.
  • Aim to get them in rivers and other bodies of water as well.
  • Figure out a better way to power the pump that operates the Seabin (currently electric that costs $20/month)…solar(?).

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